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Circuit produces non-linear sawtooth waveform SYNC INPUT C 2 (SEE TEXT) 12V + V E (STABILISED) BEAM BLANKING OUTPUT R < 1 2 k2Q > OV Fig. 2. t. 2. This circuit can be used as an oscilloscope timebase. Here, Q\ is used as a temperature-compensated constant-current generator, with current variable over the approximate range 35 / / A to 390 JUA via R3. The linear sawtooth of C\ is available externally via 56 TRIANGLE, RAMP AND SAWTOOTH GENERA TORS potentiometer R 7and buffer transistors Q3 - £ ? 4.

Most times, the M/S ratio of the output will be within the range 5 : 4 to 4 : 5. 5V t o 15V * v e •100k f^600Hz M / S R A T I O = 1/11 t o I l / l IC,=CD4001 2 :R : iMfi 3 :R > inn L - - • T O PINS 8,9, 12 A N D 13 OV *D, AND D = LOW-LEAKAGE 2 SILICON DIODES. Fig. 14. 12b. This particular circuit covers the frequency range 600 Hz to 6 kHz. The basic COS/MOS astable circuit can be usefully modified in a number of ways. 13a. c. 13b. Here, highvalue resistor R2 is simply wired in series with the input of gate A.

A variety of practical waveform generators of all three types are described in this chapter. T. ) is a special-purpose device that is particularly suitable for generating sawtooth waveforms. t. circuit that produces a non-linear sawtooth waveform. t. turns on and rapidly discharges Cx. t. turns off again, Cx starts to recharge via Rx -R2, and so the sequence repeats ad infinitum. 1 circuit, and this sawtooth can be fed t o external circuits via potentiometer Rs and buffer transistors Q2 -Q3. i • The operating frequency 54 TRIANGLE, RAMP AND SAWTOOTH GENERA TORS 55 can be varied from less than one cycle per minute to over 100 kHz by changing the Cx value.

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