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By Arthur C. Clarke

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A thousand years after being solid into the frozen void of house through the supercomputer HAL, Frank Poole is introduced again to life—and thrust right into a global extra technically complicated than the single he left at the back of. He discovers an international of human minds at once interfacing with desktops; genetically engineered dinosaur servants; and large house elevators outfitted round the Equator.

He additionally discovers an forthcoming possibility to humanity—lurking in the enigmatic monoliths. To struggle it, Poole needs to sign up for forces with David Bowman and HAL, now fused into one corporeal consciousness—and the one being with the facility to thwart the monoliths' mysterious creators.

A continuation of Arthur C. Clarke's groundbreaking Space Odyssey sequence, 3001: the ultimate Odyssey takes readers on a trip choked with mysticism, ask yourself, and suspense.

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