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By James Mullaney

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This can be a very good ebook for me. i'm studying approximately astronomy/stargazing, and in addition trying to find recommendation when it comes to buying my first telescope. The ebook is tremendously assisting me to raised decide on my first telescope. The e-book additionally contains information regarding components for telescopes and binoculars, it additionally comprises quite a lot of knowledge on astronomy. i'm pleased that i bought this publication.

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Both telescopes weigh just 13 pounds, and can be picked up and taken anywhere at a moment’s notice. Note, however, that their tabletop mounts do require a sturdy support on which to place them, such as a picnic table. ) Two other rich-field reflectors deserve mention. 4 Voyager goes for about $130 on a tabletop mount. 5-inch f/5 Companion, which sells for about $800. Among other upgrades included is a tripod altazimuth mount (which brings the total weight up to 30 pounds). Despite the coma inherent in all these shortfocus reflecting systems, sweeping the heavens – especially the star-clouds of the Milky Way – and viewing big star clusters such as the Pleiades (M45) or Beehive 42 Astronomical Telescopes and Binoculars (M44) is quite thrilling.

Intes Micro has a 5-inch f/6 for under $1,000 and a 6-inch f/6 for less than $2,000. Larger models are available in 8-, 10-, 12-, and 16-inch apertures, with prices for the larger sizes running well in excess of $4,000. 5 in the $2,000 to $4,000 price range. 5-inch Maksutov–Newtonian, but did not stay in business for long. ) Note that many of the prices quoted here are for optical-tube assemblies (OTAs) only, with the mountings themselves costing extra. You may opt to purchase just the OTA and place it on an existing mount – or perhaps make one, or buy one from another source at a more affordable price (particularly in the case of the three overseas manufacturers).

The ETX has become so popular that two entire books devoted to its use were published in 2002: Using the Meade ETX by Mike Weasner (Springer) and The ETX Telescope Guide by Lilian Hobbs (Broadhurst, Clarkson & Fuller). 3. The standard Questar’s big brother – a 7-inch Maksutov–Cassegrain. At double the aperture, it has twice the resolution and four times the light-grasp of the smaller instrument, but also much greater cost and weight. Courtesy of Questar Corporation. 4. Both Meade and Orion have introduced their own affordable versions of the pricey Questar Maksutov– Cassegrains at just a fraction of their costs.

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