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By William Duckworth

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The world over well known composer William Duckworth covers track basics in 14 concise major chapters supplemented via eleven enrichment appendices, delivering prolonged insurance if you happen to wish extra guide.

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When you have completed your work at the piano, practice singing each song fragment with letter names. The Black Keys The black keys of the piano are named in relation to the white keys that they stand between. Furthermore, each black key can be identified by two different names. For instance, the black key between F and G is called either F sharp (Fs) or G flat (Gf). 18 CHAPTER 1 Fs identifies that black key as the pitch above F, while Gf tells us it’s the pitch below G. The Basics of Music At first, it may seem needlessly confusing that one black key can have two different names, but once you understand the pattern, it will make sense.

31 32 CHAPTER 2 Rhythm I: Simple Meter Time Signatures The time signature, or meter signature as it is also called, is made up of two numbers, one above the other. It always appears at the beginning of a piece of music. The time signature gives us two different pieces of information: The top number tells us the meter of the piece; the bottom number identifies the note value that represents the pulse. For example, in the time signature T: 3 indicates triple meter—that is, three pulses per measure.

Can you see how one line appears to support and strengthen the other? When several notes with flags occur together, the flags are usually replaced by beams that join the notes together at the tops of the stems. Generally, these note groupings are put into combinations of two, three, four, six, or eight. This is done to reflect the location of the pulse in relation to the rhythm. That is, a new beam is used at the beginning of each pulse. This makes it visually easier to tell where the beats are.

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